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Wall Soundproofing
Wall Soundproofing

Wall Soundproofing

Older properties may have been created with single brick party walls, which have little to no sound insulation. This means that neighbours don’t even have to be noisy for there to be a problem, as normal day to day noise can be heard quite clearly. This extraneous sound bleed could have a negative effect on life at home, and could quickly have you looking at how easy soundproofing walls can be.

There are many soundproofing products and solutions that can be used to tackle problems with brick or stud wall sound bleed. Dogs barking, loud conversations, phones ringing, light switch activation, children running up and down stairs, the list goes on. We know which approach works best for all of these sound problems.

If we find that you need a more robust approach we can build an independent wall that will give you better protection against noise transference in your home or company premises. Products such as Rockwool slabs, Resilient bars, Genie Clips, Tecsound membranes and Mass Loaded vinyl can then be incorporated into your soundproofing solution.

Soundproof treatments for walls are continually developing, but if wall-based sound proofing techniques do not work for you specifically, then we also provide soundproofing for ceilings and services for soundproofing floors. If you need any further advice on sound proofing your new house from those noisy neighbours or maybe you just have a question about how installation or acoustics work, then please contact us on 02087732232 or email us at


Residential Developments Soundproofing

Residential Developments Soundproofing

Everyone deserves to have peace in their own house and most people love a good night sleep. Jaaz Soundproofing can help.

We can assist to control the noise from the outside of your property.

We can also help with noise coming in through walls or floors from either `your own property or from your neighbours house. We are unique to most engineers in that we offer an ‘all-in-one’ service. We design, supply and install the solution for you. Whether you are looking to sign-off for building control purposes or looking to upgrade your property Jaaz Soundproofing can help.

Ceiling Soundproofing
Ceiling Soundproofing

Ceiling Soundproofing

When soundproofing ceilings the most common noise issues relate to impact noise and in some cases airborne noise. If you have sound problems from above, one or both these may be causing you trouble.

Impact Noise

This occurs when one object collides with another. The resonant sound can be heard from the floor above you and sometimes through an adjoining wall. Kitchen wall cupboards and adjacent staircases can exacerbate impact noise trouble. These structural factors carry the sound but something still has to cause it. Footsteps above, a chair being moved, a table leg dragging, something dropped onto a wooden or tiled floor, all of these set the sound in motion. By the time it reaches you it could be a problem – a major problem if occurring over time as impact noise travels freely through a structure.

Reducing Impact

Noise with ceiling soundproofing prevention is the best means of combating impact noise. At Jaaz Soundproofing we would like to stop it before it happens. This means working directly with the source of the noise, usually the floor. New developments in noise solutions continually provide fresh approaches. The installation of an Independent Ceiling Solution is a modern, effective way of dealing with the problem of impact noise, but we do have many other effective ceiling solutions.

Airborne Noise

Sound waves travel freely through the air until they reach part of a building that they cause to vibrate. These vibrations travel through that part of the building and are radiated out of the other side. Typical airborne transmission sources are neighbours talking, audio from televisions, computer sound and radio transmissions.

Reducing Airborne Noise

The utilisation of mass and absorption techniques are one of the best ways to treat airborne noise. At Jaaz Soundproofing we like to use products such as Rockwool slabs that we install between empty cavities in joists or stud walls to absorb all types of airborne noise. Products such as Tecsound membranes and Sound Matting’s mass loaded vinyl can also be added to increase mass, thus allowing less noise to transmit through an area.

Floor Soundproofing
Floor Soundproofing

Floor Soundproofing

Soundproofing Floors

There are numerous different floor solutions and materials for every possible situation. Below you will find the most popular system installed by Jaaz Soundproofing.

Important points to consider:

  • What is the maximum height that your floor can be raised?
  • What will the final floor surface be? (Carpet/Original Floorboards/Laminate etc)
  • What type of noise do you want to reduce? Your impact and airborne noise to downstairs or airborne noise traveling into your flat
  • Subfloor structure. Do you have conventional floor joists or a concrete floor? (Is there a void between the floor boards and ceiling boards to fill with insulation?)

Floor soundproofing is becoming a must-have in many properties. Wherever you go in a building you can’t escape a floor. They bring many issues and sometimes nuisance sound can force you to seek soundproofing solutions.

With more homes and workplaces using hard flooring than ever before, the days of soft carpeting underfoot are gone forever. With the advanced use of tiled floors, wood floors and laminate floors has come a sharp increase in noise related concerns.

Problems such as children running or adults just walking, a table being shifted or simply a chair that’s nudged, washing machines on spin cycles or a simple item dropped. All can seem minor in isolation but when occurring together and over time, at Jaaz Soundproofing we fully understand the adverse effect they can have on the quality of life.

Such issues are tackled by installing floor soundproofing; an effective, floating floor as a barrier to sound bleeding through below. Or we can fit an independent ceiling downstairs to provide a void trap to keep extraneous sound at bay.

At Jaaz Soundproofing we keep abreast of all technological developments in floor soundproofing. Floor issues can be resolved with high tech products such as acoustic DB boards, floor hangers or incredibly effective impact reduction matting.

Whatever your sound concerns, be they above or below, contact us at Jaaz Soundproofing for advice and assistance in silencing the problem once and for all. When resolved with floor soundproofing, it’s like a weight being lifted once the worries of ongoing noise, or even the mere anticipation of it has gone forever.

Music Studio and Sound Rooms Soundproofing
Music Studio and Sound Rooms Soundproofing

Music Studio and Sound Rooms Soundproofing

Introduction to Soundproofing Music Studios

Soundproofing a sound studio is a job for professionals. At Jaaz Soundproofing we have a wealth of experience soundproofing music studios for professional and amateurs alike. If your sound studio is in a residential area, or dense commercial development then soundproofing is a must.

Jaaz Soundproofing can take care of all your requirements, including doors, windows and even your electrics, including complete rewires. Everything you need to soundproof your new recording studio.

Sound Rooms

If you are a music lover, or a musician that plays at home, teaching or rehearsing, and you don’t want to bother your neighbours, then a soundproofed music room is for you.

Soundproofing a room, or outside studio, allows a music tutor to teach their students with peace of mind. At Jaaz Soundproofing we have helped many musicians and artists, creating bespoke soundproofing solutions in rooms, studios and external structures such as garages.

We offer a complete design and install solution for any type of music studio or sound room.
Our team will visit your premises and discuss the requirements for your project.
Our install teams will build your room using the tried and tested methods and the latest soundproofing materials to ensure the studio build meets the exact requirements set by the client.

Cost will always be determined by size, specification and level of soundproofing required by the client. We will always listen to the client and work closely to ensure that studio project is completed within budget.

Home Cinema Soundproofing
Home Cinema Soundproofing

Home Cinema Soundproofing

Complete Cinema Room Installation

It is possible to create an amazing Home Cinema room for the family to enjoy on almost any budget.

We at Jaaz Soundproofing offer all the soundproofing products that you will need to help you and your designer with the full installation of your very own Cinema Room in London and Surrey. We can also offer you a Full Bespoke Installation service throughout the UK, leaving you to sit back and relax knowing the full build is in good hands.

To help you with designing your very own cinema room, we at Jaaz Soundproofing have put together a list of products, some tips and tricks to really bring the theatre-experience home.

Soundproofing products you will need to create the perfect soundproofed space;

  • Acoustic Insulation Slabs like rock-wool or Knauf Insulation
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl – High performance acoustic membrane – MLV50 & MLV100
  • Decoupling Brackets – Sound Isolation Clips or Resilient bars
  • Specialised Acoustic Boards Like Phonestar Acoustic Boards
  • Acoustic Plasterboards
  • Acoustic Treatments- Sound Panels
Noisy Plant Solutions

Noisy Plant Solutions

Many water and waste water treatment works are located in urban areas and are therefore close to dwellings, potentially creating both Noise at work Noise at Work and Environmental Noise issues.

As these facilities operate round the clock, they must achieve suitable noise levels so as not to disrupt residents even when sleeping with open bedroom windows. However, the noise control systems these facilities implement cannot adversely affect operation of the plant; they must also allow access for routine maintenance and plant repairs.

For example, difficulties with access for maintenance may result in panels being left off an acoustic enclosure, allowing noise to escape attenuated and compromising the primary purpose of the acoustic enclosure.

Our approach to Solving Noise Problems enables plant owners and operators to make informed decisions about the best solution for their specific requirements. The experts at Jaaz Soundproofing can help with these typical processes that require acoustic solutions:

  • Odour control applications
  • Aeration processes
  • Sludge treatment
  • Ventilation systems
  • Pumps and fluid handling systems
  • Blowers
  • Electric motors
  • Centrifuges
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Pipework
Soundproof Plant Rooms

Soundproof Plant Rooms

Plant rooms can be located anywhere in a building with the possibility of causing disturbance to sensitive areas such as bedrooms, offices, boardrooms, operating theatres, or penthouse suites.

A typical plant room may include the machinery for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Systems), back-up generators, pumps and potentially other vibration producing equipment too! These heavy-duty machines, by their very nature, produce high levels of noise and vibration.

Education Acoustics Design
Education Acoustics Design

Education Acoustics Design

Good acoustic performance in educational environments is essential.

The ability of the teacher keeping student attention can be significantly reduced if noise levels are high from neighbouring classrooms or if there is a reverberation noise issue within the classroom.

There are several areas to treat for educational acoustics. All performance levels are detailed in the acoustic regulations for educational environments which is known as Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

Jaaz Soundproofing can offer guidance on projects of any size, from a single classroom to an entire school. We can explain how the individual areas within an educational building can be affected by sound. We can give expert advice on reverberation noise within a room. If reverberation noise is at a high level within a room then it will make it difficult to understand what is being said.

Planning requirements

Planning requirements

Do you have planning requirements that need to be met?
Has the local authority asked you to have a noise survey or noise test done in accordance to Approved Document E?

Whatever the planning request – noise, acoustics, or vibration Jaaz Soundproofing can help you discharge the relevant planning condition. We can help with noisy plant. Sound insulation of walls, specification of products, external walls, glazing.