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Soundproofing Installations


Domestic soundproofing

Excessive noise within the home environment has always been an issue, but this problem is increasing rapidly. Sound pollution within the home is one of the biggest complaint areas to environmental noise departments and is raising many health issues. It is therefore more critical than ever to ensure that noise issues within the home environment are reduced, or even better, removed.

The most common issues that we come across for the home owner is noisy neighbour problems, using the correct underlay for hard floor finishes or acoustically treating music/cinema rooms for reverberation and noise break out issues. Whatever your issue for noise within the home environment Jaaz Soundproofing have developed an extensive range of products and systems to cater for all problems.

Industrial Soundproofing Installations

Industrial Soundproofing Installations

Industrial noise pollution is a serious problem which can lead to a costly reduction in performance by employees, increased absenteeism, distraction and stress levels as well as health issues.

By improving the soundproofing in industrial workspaces, employers can create a safer and healthier environment for employees. Neighbouring residents and neighbouring businesses of noisy industrial units will appreciate the reduction in noise levels that is provided by Jaaz Soundproofing.
Industrial soundproofing significantly reduces noise levels, creating a safer working environment for employees, and reducing noise pollution for nearby residents and businesses. Jaaz industrial soundproofing solutions include acoustic barriers, acoustic curtains, and vibration damping materials.

Installation of soundproofing materials often requires working around obstacles like lighting, ventilation and other objects. The technical experts at Jaaz Soundproofing can tailor a system around any situation, liaising with on-site managers to provide a solution that will cause the least disruption to day-to-day work.

We can suggest soundproofing options available, depending on the project. Using our extensive experience and detailed knowledge of soundproofing, we tailor the solution to your requirements. Using a variety of materials and specifications, our acoustic suggested systems excel in providing soundproofing that exceeds the levels set by building regulations.

Contact us for more information on acoustic flooring and sound insulation products and let us guide you through the different options available. Our wide range of materials and systems are combined to ensure a perfect match to your needs and any questions you have will be answered by our professional team of experts.

Commercial Soundproofing

Commercial Soundproofing

It’s important that acoustics and soundproofing is thought about for commercial properties these include Offices (both open plan areas and cellular), shops, factories, labs, and other retail premises etc. These might be for building regulations and/or to build a great working environment. 
Whether it’s noise from air condition systems or other mechanical services system to the inside or outside environment or external noise entering the office spaces themselves Jaaz Soundproofing can help. We’ll also aid design and install the right acoustic conditions offices and conference rooms.

Inside offices themselves we’ve noticed that Privacy between areas has increasingly become an issue. It’s important that in every organisation has at least one space where private conversations can be had (i.e. the counselling, hiring, firing, promotions or disciplinary actions for a colleague should not be overheard by anyone else in the organisation). If this is an issue Jaaz Soundproofing can help analyse the situation and help you fix it. We have in house acoustic consultants and installers that regularly work with Architects, fit out consultants and contractors, interior designs and others to solve any acoustic problem you may be facing. 

Whether the problem is poor sound insulation (you can hear through the walls), high reverberation times (too echoey), bad speech intelligibility (hard to understand), or its just too noisy we are confident that Jaaz Soundproofing can help you create a space that you are going to love to work in.



Good acoustic performance in educational environments is essential.

The ability of the teacher keeping student attention can be significantly reduced if noise levels are high from neighbouring classrooms or if there is a reverberation noise issue within the classroom.
There are several areas to treat for educational acoustics. All performance levels are detailed in the acoustic regulations for educational environments, which is known as Building Bulletin 93 (BB93).

Jaaz Soundproofing can offer guidance on projects of any size, from a single classroom to an entire school. We can explain how the individual areas within an educational building can be affected by sound. We can give expert advice on reverberation noise within a room. If reverberation noise is at a high level within a room then it will make it difficult to understand what is being said.